It’s no secret that we are our own worst critics.  We may have the best intentions to live a healthy life with the perfect balance of fun and discipline but how often do we set unrealistic goals for ourselves only to beat ourselves up for not measuring up to our own impossible standards. In spite of knowing better, it’s difficult to break this pattern.


At the risk of sounding too “airy-fairy”, once we let our negative self talk pile on, it’s hard to climb your way out of it to feel strong and ambitious again. In this state, it’s even easier to let C.R.A.P. or complacency, rationalization, apathy and procrastination, immobilize us and keep us from getting back on that proverbial horse.

In my book, Feet,Fork & Fun: How to Fail Your Way To FitnessI propose we start to look at your so called failures as part of the big picture. Stuff goes wrong sometimes. We fail every day. This is normal. However, the good news is that not only do we learn from our perceived failures, we can also use these failures as strengths. Again, we’ve heard this before but self application of these principles is somehow more challenging which means we need more than information to crawl out of that fetal position, dust ourselves off and get ready to fail even bigger next time! Wait… that came out wrong. Or did it?

I think what I mean to say is stop taking your life so personally. Easier said than done which is why actions speak louder than words. (Perhaps I should change the title of this blog post to “The Best Self Help Cliches You Need To Be Hit Over The Head With” but then it would be ending in a preposition and after all this post is all about how to be perfect. No! It’s about not letting anything keep you from moving.


Take one small step at a time in your chosen direction. After all, it’s all part of life’s good stuff.