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We can’t go a few hours without hearing something about efforts to repeal and/or replace Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act and how new laws may or may not affect our own healthcare plans or lack thereof.  The good news, is that no matter what our legislators in Washington finally agree upon, we can begin to take control over our own health and well being.  The world needs to embrace Universal Truths. Universal Truths are simple enough for both elite and outcast to understand and manifest.

The Universal Truths shared in my newest book, Feet, Fork & Fun :How to Fail Your Way to Fitness, include:

  1. health comes from within (our bodies self-heal and self-regulate);
  2. optimal health is available to everyone who takes personal responsibility for it;
  3. we only have control of the present;
  4. little things are big things when they are habits;
  5. health exists in three dimensions of Feet, Fork, and Fun—sometimes Feet, Fork, and Fun is referred to as the physical, chemical, and emotional dimensions;
  6. an attention to and a balance of these dimensions is vital for optimal health—this ideal is defined as tone, a dynamic balance between the Feet, Fork, and Fun dimensions influenced but not dominated by innate genetics;
  7. people have control of achieving and maintaining tone by accentuating positive choices and minimizing negative choices—in the present;
  8. tone is a state of fitness or super-wellness that is our natural human state;
  9. how we live our lives interferes with the natural state of tone; and
  10. achieving and maintaining tone is mainly a shedding process rather than an accumulation process.


fitness, healthy, diet, nutritionDr. Tim Warren draws on his experience as a thought leader in mind/body holistic health. A life-long athlete who climbed Mount Everest at age 48, he is a healer who has cared for 10, 000 patients. Dr. Tim is a sought-after motivational speaker, media guest and author of Lessons from Everest: 7 Powerful Steps To The Top of Your World.