Have you ever seen those TV advertisements for credit scores that have a gauge to instantly see what your number is? It implies that if you make a purchase, payment or some financial decision then the number will go up or down accordingly. Health decisions and habits are the same way. Nobody became obese overnight just like an Olympic athlete didn’t get in shape in a day. Health decisions good and bad are on a cumulative basis of accounting. Both examples illustrate moment by moment and day to day decisions. What is the goal of wellness? In this book the goal of wellness is Tone. I am not talking about toned muscles although being buff inside and out is a part of your Tone. Tone is a state of overall physical, chemical and emotional balance. Tone is a state that you want to get and keep.
Homeostasis is a term which describes the constant inborn balancing of functional processes in response to the body’s environment in order to maintain health and wellness.
A simple example of homeostasis would be if you are inside your house on a brisk winter day and do not put a jacket on and you step outside, your body goes through myriad changes – shivering, goose bumps, circulation changes to the skin – in response to the stress of colder weather. Your body does what it has to to maintain balance and life.
Likewise, when you go inside your toasty home, your body automatically adjusts internally – changes the circulation, changes the function of the body to get back to that normal base temperature. That is one incredibly simple example of homeostasis. Mind blower alert:

Mind Blower Alert!

The body is made up of over 70 trillion cells each doing 6 million different functions each second AND each cell knows what all the others are doing! Incredible doesn’t begin to express the complexity. Talk about One Second Wellness– how about one second brain blowing miraculous that we are even alive! Then some people pour soda down their gullet.
Tone is achieved by allowing innate homeostasis to do it’s magic while heightening or enhancing it’s miraculous function by Moving Right, Eating Right and Thinking Right. Tone is our three dimensional human responsibility to honor the perfection within by treating our body vessel in the healthiest way possible. Tone is a heightened healthy state and it can be fleeting if it’s not viewed as a continuous never ending process. Tone is a higher state of physical, chemical and emotional existence. Another way to describe it is your highest health potential. Tone is an awesomely fun goal in my upcoming book, I Blew It: How I Failed My Way To Fitness.