1. Throw a party: A social connection helps you live longer. (FUN)

  2. Adopt a pet: Pets lead to healthier hearts and lowered blood pressure (FUN)

  3. Have some dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao (FORK)

  4. Grind your own black, organic coffee. (Fork)

  5. Have two glasses or less of wine (FORK)

  6. Have sex as it helps the brain, improves immunity, and lowers depression risk. (FEET AND FUN)

  7. Listen to your fave tunes. (FUN)

  8. Take a nap (FEET,FORK AND FUN)

  9. Get outdoors and breathe good air. (FEET AND FUN)

  10. 10.Stay away from chemicals, especially antibacterial products (FORK)