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“Shuga”,”Spells”, “Hot” and “Arthuritis” all cared for with the “Gonad” Technique. What the heck is that?

Again, I’m glad you asked!

I started practicing Chiropractic in the biggest little state in the union, Rhode Island, in 1987. Rhode Island has the longest name of any state in the country: The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and the shortest motto: Hope.

Long time Rhode Islanders have a distinct accent which apparently is a mash up of New York to the south and Boston to the north combined with the local Swamp Yankee dialect. (In other words, any self respecting letter “R” doesn’t stand a chance)

Badum bum!

As a young doctor right out of school in Iowa, I had to get re-familiarized to the vocabulary after having been away from home for a few years. We had a busy practice fairly quickly and for whatever reason, we often had a waiting room of mid to older ladies who would hang out after their adjustments in the late morning and early afternoon, sometimes for an hour or two.

I thought it was great that people spent some time and met their friends at my office but as a young doctor right out of school in Iowa, I heard of some alarming new health conditions in these marathon gossip sessions. In fact, there was some vocabulary that I had not heard before. “Oh, she had the shuga” “He was doin’ okay but then he had a spell”, “He took a hot…you know” “Seems everyone has the arthuritis” .

It was easy to decipher arthuritis as arthritis but more difficult to get the rest.Can you guess what having “the suga” is? A spell? A hot condition? It took me a while too.



Hot=heart condition or attack

In that first year of business, I also had a new patient who came in and demanded that I do what her previous chiropractor had done: The “Gonad” technique. I never corrected her because it was just too awesome. For those non-chiropractors out there, the gonad technique of chiropractic was originated by the late, great Clarence Gonstead of Mt Horeb, Wisconsin and is known the world over (except in Rhode Island) as the Gonstead Technique.

Until next week, gentle readers and health warriors, this is your One Second Guru reminding you to soak it all in.