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Bacteria are frenemies. Bugs are, in fact, way more friend than enemy. We exist rather nicely with a bajillion bugs inside and out. The goal of medicine in days past (though some still haven’t gotten the change memo) was to wage war on bacteria. That understanding saved untold millions of lives but has had unforeseen negative ramifications.

The truth is we cannot survive without bacteria on us and especially inside us, so fighting bugs is a quixotic, unwinnable, and foolhardy  endeavor but is exactly how mainstream medical care has “advanced”  for the better part of the last two centuries.

The key to immunity is not to kill more bugs (bacteria) but to  accentuate our genetic intelligence so our bodies, minds, and immunity remain as bulletproof as possible. Pathogens, or bad bugs, and out-of-control good bacteria can not kill us and eat us for dinner IF our inborn genetic intelligence natural immunity is working on all 12 cylinders.

By striving for tone in body and mind we armor-clad our body’s  immune properties. In fact, how we live our lives is the only way to  partner with our inborn intelligence. Striving to live the toned lifestyle  is like walking arm in arm with the power that made the body. We  cannot get healthier from an “outside in” pill, procedure, or surgery.  We can only be well from “inside out” high vibrational tone. Traditional medical procedures are awesome at keeping us alive after a major car  accident or disease but are simply not designed for keeping us healthy and our immune systems functioning like a twelve-cylinder Bugatti  purring at redline.

What has proven a dismal failure is going to war with bugs. Using antibacterial sprays, soaps, and antibiotic pills in the long term have worsened our wellness because bugs adapt, become resistant, and get stronger.

The key is to get and stay toned. You have control of tone.

You will never have control of the bugs around and within you. Likewise,you cannot control your God-given genetic potential. You only have control of how you live your life. Live it well and your internal innate strength and resistance will thrive and billions of naturally occurring hitchhiker germs will as well.