My purpose is “to help as many people as possible climb their Mt. Everest”.

School bored me as a child. I brought home books to make my parents happy. Not that I didn’t read. I read tons of sports books , novels,adventures and sci-fi. In fact all my money from my firewood cutting went to buying books from the Scholastic book sales program. Somehow I graduated in the top quarter of my high school class without doing any homework.I was always painfully shy as a kid but ironically was also very confident. Not a cocky confidence, just the kind of confidence that told me I can do, or learn anything if I put my mind to it. For example, l loved running as a youngster. In the 1970’s running and racing in the US was huge. I read everything I could on the subject and at age 16 decided I would run the Maryland Marathon, a 26 mile pain-fest. It wasn’t pretty but I did it. I ran so hard I stress-fractured my left tibia but persevered  I stumbled in and finished in 3 hours and 7 minutes. I couldn’t lift either leg to get on the school bus for two weeks. I couldn’t run again for two months. I loved it.

I loved it because for the first time in my young life I had become enthusiastic about something, set a goal that was “out there” (MAJOR PREMISE), created ACCOUNTABILITY to myself, did the hard work (CHALLENGE) mastered the MINOR PREMISES (or PREMI) and SQUASHED THE SABOTEUR. Unknowingly, this set the stage for my life’s path, and for Life Consulting.

Do you have a nagging feeling that you could and should be accomplishing much more? Do you feel that you are only scratching the surface of your human potential? Are you burnt out on setting goals because something always happens to not meet them?

Do you blame others for not succeeding in your chosen area? Is there something you want to be, do or have that has eluded you for months, years or even decades? Have you been successful in one or more arenas of life but failed in another much to your amazement?

I have learned that if you do the same old same old , you get the same old same old. And all the while the days and weeks click off, one after the other. Life moves on and we as humans need to move with it … and grow and evolve and love and live our lives to the fullest that our potential allows.

If you are aware of a deep ache in your soul which you know to be the pain of not starting or finishing the climb of your life, then contact me. I humbly ask you to consider Life Consulting My purpose is “to help as many people as possible climb their Mt. Everest”. My suggestion? Do something different … and big. Climb your own Mt. Everest. Figuratively of course because let me tell you its cold over there. It’s cold inside too … if you are not living your dream.

Life Consulting

is a system, created by Dr. Tim Warren, of identifying the big dream or change that the client desires and utilizing the seven factor approach to make it happen.


This is the Big Kahuna item identified by the client and Dr. Tim. This is the clients Mt. Everest of the moment. It could also be a lifetime achievement or something to be , do or have more immediately.

Factor 2 The CLIMB.

The climb consists of three parts: an action, a resolution and a time-frame.

picture of mount everest


I like the word ‘premi’ because it appears plural even though I don’t believe it’s even a word, and I like saying it) Premi are the many things to do or learn in order to achieve the Major Premise. They can also be unforseen challenges that inevitably arise. Premi can be perceived by the client as good or bad.


Hey brothers and sisters, everybody needs to be accountable to themselves. Well functioning human beings need to account for accomplishing work towards their MAJOR PREMISE.The client being accountable also means the agreed upon time frame of accomplishment of MAJOR or MINOR PREMI. Accountability may also mean adjusting the MAJORS or MINORS if circumstance, interest or enlightenment changes.


Ooh, this is a toughie. The inner saboteur is deeply ingrained thought processes and feelings that keep us “stuck in our stuff”. Status quo. Neutral and idling. These feelings and processes, often under the surface, may have served us and protected us in the past, but if not identified and dealt with can stifle our progress up the mountain towards our MP.

Factor 6 WORK IT!

No sexier way to put it than “Do the work boys and girls’” I will be there every step of the way as your biggest cheerleader but I can’t do it for you , just as I can’t want it more than you do. See chapter 2 in my book Lessons From Everest entitled “A Warrior Loves His Craft”.


Homeostasis in the body means a state of constancy of bodily function to maintain life. However, literally billions of processes are going on every second to make this happen. That is tons of change! What I gather from this, and is the basis of my coaching and speaking is “embrace change”, it’s going to happen anyway so dance with it. I often say “change is the only constant”. This factor is all about the realization that what your MP is today may not be tomorrow or next year. To avoid “post goal mortem” and the resultant stasis and even depression, start work on the next MP before you hit the summit of your mountain.