I was standing at a flat area of stone about the size of a small bedroom at 11,000’ on the Grand Teton in the Wyoming Rocky Mountains in 2001. I was making a climbing attempt with friends Scott Schnackenberg, Bob Degregorio and our guide Peter Carse when Scott uttered the phrase “Hoka Hey!” Bob and I instantly voiced our dislike. “Way too negative bro.” We were very nervously staring at a spot on the classic Owen-Spaulding Route where we would be hanging on a flake of granite by our finger tips with 3000’ feet of nothing but air below us and shuffling along crab like on vertical rock to the relative safety of the next belay. I’ll not forget the moment anytime soon and the phrase has never left my head. In fact retrospectively, I have found the quote to be an incredibly powerful phrase reminding me that we are all going to leave our bodies at some point and cannot choose the time so why would I NOT live my best life right now? Hoka Hey! boys and girls may you live your best life today not tomorrow.