Dear Dr. Tim,

It’s been awhile (about a year) since I exercised regularly and was wondering the best way to get back into it. I’m 43 and don’t have any health problems, but my time and money are both limited right now. Should I join a gym or buy some dumbbells or something?


Jason B.,Chicago, Il.


“Dear J.B., Congrats on getting back into some exercise activity because, as you know, the body only works well when it’s moved. Our body needs to move in order to be well. A house is designed to be lived in and when it’s not it deteriorates quickly. In regards to your question, it may surprise you that I most emphatically suggest that you do NOT join a gym or buy home equipment. Many people throw money at a problem to fix it and this is usually a mistake. Before I spent a dollar I would prove to myself that I was serious about an exercise program by beginning a walking program. It’s very important to prove to yourself that you are serious and no better way to do it than good old fashioned walking. To begin, I would, after checking with your doctor if applicable, start with 15-30 minutes of gradually increased power walking. Moderate pace first 5-10 minutes than push it for 5-15 minutes than slower for the last 5 minutes. Do it at least 5X/week and even twice a day if that fits. Make sure you are wearing proper athletic footwear and a big smile. If you can crank this program out for a month than you have proven to yourself that you are serious and you can move to the next step.

Please keep us updated on your progress!

Dr. Tim Warren

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Dear Dr.Tim