“It is said that human motivation is steeped in avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. I propose embracing some pain then enjoying the hell out of the pleasure.”-Dr Tim Warren

I’ve come to realize that many people go to great lengths to avoid feeling any kind of pain or suffering. People will reach for the nearest distraction just to avoid feeling any pain- whether it be emotional or physical.

We’ve been trained,so to speak, to believe that any kind of pain is bad and we need to escape from it. Some of us turn to alcohol, drugs, food, or other kinds of unhealthy activities just to avoid feeling bad. In my upcoming book, Feet,Fork, & Fun: The Quicker and Easier Path To Looking and Feeling Great, I suggest a different mindset that may surprise you.

We all know that there is good stress and bad stress. What if we learned to embrace all stress? What if we programmed ourselves to not only handle the bad stress but to actually look forward to the bad stress? Without sounding too much like a feel-good bumper sticker what would life be without adversity?  Being our best selves, living up to our highest potential, means excepting and embracing everything and anything that life throws at us. Again, my TONE philosophy comes into play. You will read more about it in my book and I look forward to sharing the Chemical, emotional, and physical components of total wellness that will help you summit every morning with success and carry that momentum throughout the day.

In my book I will explain the use of your wellness dashboard which will provide instant guidance for staying on your path. In the meantime, take one small step at a time in the correct direction in Feet,Fork & Fun.