You already have the desire to be healthier or you would not be reading this blog. In my upcoming book “Feet,Fork & Fun“, I emphasize The paradox of knowing exactly what it is we need to do to feel better about ourselves and yet we tend to sabotage our own efforts on a daily basis.  So what holds us back?
Sometimes the only thing getting in the way of our total wellness, is ourselves.


Complacency-just a little bored and lazy.

Rationalization-I will do it tomorrow when it fits into my busy schedule.

Apathy-I don’t have any control so I’m not going to do anything.

Procrastination– I will do it next week. Then I will die.


You might find yourself saying “Dr. Tim I hear you. I am obviously full of crap.But cookies taste so good and it’s way too cold out for me to jog and my hair hurts, yada yada yada ”

Relax. Feeling better is not about perfection. It’s about those moments – those seconds – that start to accumulate so that before you know it,the choices you make to feel better start to overpower the choices you make that sabotage your wellness.

Sound too good to be true? Let me put it this way.Part of the one second wellness philosophy involves harnessing the power of your decision making process to use that second to make a life-changing choice. My hope is that we can take that smidgen of desire and make it a roaring furnace of excitement and passion.

If you don’t believe me just try it for yourself! For today only you can take advantage of the Dr Tim special. Get rid of some crap today and tomorrow get rid of all the crap you want for free!

This is your one second guru hoping you are successful at getting rid of the crap in your life.