2903, 2017

Ten Weird Health Tips From Feet, Fork & Fun

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Throw a party: A social connection helps you live longer. (FUN)

Adopt a pet: Pets lead to healthier hearts and lowered blood pressure (FUN)

Have some dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao (FORK)

Grind your own black, organic coffee. (Fork)

Have two glasses or less of wine (FORK)

Have sex as it helps the […]

2409, 2016

Say Whaaaat?;Dr Warren Discusses The “Gonad” Technique

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“Shuga”,”Spells”, “Hot” and “Arthuritis” all cared for with the “Gonad” Technique. What the heck is that?

Again, I’m glad you asked!

I started practicing Chiropractic in the biggest little state in the union, Rhode Island, in 1987. Rhode Island has the longest name of any state in the country: The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, […]

3001, 2013

Dave Barry’s Top Fourteen

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I have all of Dave Barry's books that I can find. Even on the re-reads I laugh so hard I cry! On these 14 however, he gets very real ... enjoy.
1510, 2012

19 Instructions for life

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19 Items From “Instructions For Life” written by the Dalai


In honor and respect for the Dalai Lama’s visit to various New England locals this week I thought I would share his
delightful and highly relevant synopsis of the “Instructions For Life” followed by my own two cents of commentary.




1 Take into account that great love and […]

1510, 2012

Heaven Is The Attempt

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Hell on earth is not doing your best, Heaven is the attempt. – Dr. Tim Warren

Let me flash back to May 2008.  I am a day away from starting my summit attempt on Mt. Everest, my second in as many years. I have gotten into serious debt to be there. I have trained my whole life to be […]

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