Of the 14 “winners” of  The Biggest Loser, how many of the contestants have been able to keep the weight off? The journal Obesity recently published this study and the results were staggering to many.  Evidently, only one contestant weighs less now than they did on their last show and four of the show’s previous winners actually weigh more than they did before being crowned Biggest Loser.

This is not surprising to me at all, as in my practice, I had hundreds of patients attempting to lose weight in all types of diet schemes and the ones who insisted on some variant involving quick weight loss (faster than the recommended 1-2 pounds per week) all failed and gained it back. In fact, they usually ended up gaining weight! As a wellness doctor I not once advocated ANY diet because they inherently are doomed to fail.

How is it possible to lose weight so it stays lost? I’m glad you asked!

The only method of weight control that has ever worked is one that is lifestyle based and permanent.  In other words, the weight control plan becomes part of an overall healthy living regime (Like my program in the upcoming book One Second Wellness.) Any attempt to get in shape “by swimsuit season” or “look great for a wedding” are short term thought processes and will not work getting to a healthy weight.


In examples like Biggest Loser where people lose on average more than 100 pounds and then gain it back, the culprit appears to be the metabolism.  Wen weight loss is more than 1-2 pounds per week, the rate of burn (metabolism) slows dramatically.  This is the kiss of death for the morbidly obese as when one gets back to “normal” life and off the reality television show, that pace becomes impossible to maintain.  A healthy lifestyle plan involving proper exercise, simple, doable family nutrition and a synergistic mindset (Feet,Fork and Fun in my book) is the only type of system that will maintain a healthy weight. Plus, such health maintaining plans will delay the inevitable first three letters of diet.