This week it was reported that 31% of Americans are obese. Apparently this is an all time high. Sure as shootin’  this stopped me in my tracks. You mean to tell me that all the newspaper articles, TV news stories, government programs, hospitals, state and local organizations, gyms, trainers, Biggest Losers, Oprahs, Michelle Obamas, PSA’s, MBA’s, PHD’s, thousands of books, late night infomercials, swimsuit editions, commitees, sub commitees, and the associated billions of dollars are all for naught? Wasted? We Americans have our biggest Blutarskis in history?

     I totally get that flab is not entirely the reason that we Americans are bringing up the rather large rear in regards to health and wellness in the developed world we inhabit, but morbidly obese Americans are certainly a daily observable symptom. Don’t believe me that the USA is unhealthy? We suck in many categories (America ranks 37th out of 190 in overall health just ahead of Slovenia but behind Oman #8, Morocco #29, and Dominica #35)  but lets look at just one heartbreaking example that has been just plain wrong for decades: infant mortality. The fact that a child born in a big city hospital in Chicago has significantly less chance of survival (5.87 deaths/1000 live births) than a baby born in Cuba (4.63/1000 live births) according to the WHO (World Health Organization) is not only sorrowful but plain embarrassing. It’s been true for decades too because I remember lecturing about it 30 years ago.

     The bad news is that we Americans are fat and unhealthy. The good news is that if we take responsibility for, firstly, ourselves and secondly, our families, we can improve. We can become optimally well and it’s really not that hard. We can do it in ONE SECOND by taking responsibility for ourselves #1. We can do it in this instant by making just one healthy choice and not doing an unhealthy one #2. By making a healthy choice in your physical, chemical and emotional dimensions daily (for example taking a walk,  adding an extra vegetable/meal and reading a book) our country and your world will positively shift on it’s axis #3. Our American Blutarskis will be smaller as well.

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