The following are ten very cool ways to increase personal growth. Sorry, I no longer know who to cite for their work as I have had this document in my success archives for years. Quite valid motivation and inspiration not only for the summit of Everest but the valleys of the world as well.
1) Raise your standards to a higher level and don’t settle for anything less.
2)Remember that every day on earth is another day to learn something new.
3)Let go of stale relationships (both personal and professional) for they will only keep you from achieving more in your life.
4)Plan for a lifetime but live for each day.
5)Be willing to always admit that you never know it all.
6)Become a giver for it will give you greater satisfaction.
7)Compete only with yourself.
8)Assume that everything that you do can be done better than you are presently doing it.
9)Evaluate your performance on a daily basis.
10)Never accept “No” as an answer and reach for your dreams however high they may be.

High Altitude Personal Growth is also useful at sea-level not surprisingly.

What other tips would you add to this list? I would love to hear your comments! Best, Dr. Tim