Feet Fork & Fun

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My new book is now available! Watch my video to learn why I wrote my newest book, and how it can help you!

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One Second Wellness.

You can end health confusion, make awesome choices, increase energy, lose weight permanently, reverse disease, get and stay happy – even climb your own mountain… Instantly.

Learn from the doctor who:

  • Cared for over 250,000 people where he developed his innovative and successful one second approach to wellness.
  • Is a teacher, thinker, student and scribe in exercise, nutrition, psychology and human potential.
  • Developed the “Feet, Fork and Fun” protocol for instant wellness.
  • Is a lifelong multi-sport athlete and former sponsored mountaineer who has climbed the highest mountain on four continents including Mt. Everest at age 48.
  • Teaches a unique body, mind, spirit, drug-free and life affirming approach which will be featured in his upcoming book “Feet,Fork & Fun” due to be published in 2017.

Have You Got A Second?

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Author, Chiropractor, Coach, Teacher, Wellness Advocate, World-Class Mountaineer

Are you a person or group looking for an entertaining, enlightening and educational speaker or life consultant? Are you wellness oriented, adventurous and seeking to accomplish more in life or simply to edge closer to you or your organizations human potential? Yes?, then I’m your huckleberry.

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